Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Picture Day

Here it is folks...the moment you've all been waiting for..

Are you ready??

I FINALLY got my picture with Megyn Kelly!

I was worried it was never going to happen because she's been pretty busy, and my time at Fox News is coming to an end, but thankfully I was able to drop by her office after the show and snap a quick pic!

Even more exciting, I also got a picture with the one, and only, Bill Hemmer...

Oh, how I love Bill Hemmer! Like really, LOVE HIM!! And I thought we had a connection since I've met him/seen him several times during my internship, but while trying to get a picture with him, I realized the connection was definitely one-sided.

Here's how it all went down.

So, I went with one of the bookers up to the set of America's Newsroom to get my picture. We walked out onto the set, and there he sat reading the prompter...glowing beneath the bright lights.

During the commercial break he looked up, smiled and said, "Hey, Eldad! Who you got there?"

Eldad: "It's Kate, our intern."

Bill: "Hi, Kaitlin! You mean you've been here all summer and I haven't met you? Where have they been hiding you?"

Insert thought here: "Um, it's Kate. Bill, we've met before and had SEVERAL encounters in elevators, hallways, etc. DON'T YOU REMEMBER??

Kate: "Hi, um, they've been keeping me downstairs?"

Bill: "Oh, well glad to finally meet you, Katilin."

Eldad: "Bill, Kate wants to get a picture with you and Martha if you have a minute?"

Bill: "Sure! Kaitlin, come on over."

Insert thought here: "Um, it's Kate. Maybe we're talking pet names?

Here's where Martha, God love her, comes in.


After Eldad snapped a couple of pictures of the three of us (please notice how terribly awkward I am leaning against Bill's chair), I we talked for a couple of minutes before I had to leave. I figured at this point, I had cleared things up with Bill, and he secretly remembered our previous encounters...wrong!!

Bill: "Bye, Katilin. Best of luck to ya! Don't be a stranger!"

Insert thought here: Um, it's ka... Oh, what the heck? Call me ANYTHING you want Billy boy!!

Bye, Bill. See ya Martha.

So despite all of the awkwardness, I finally got my picture with Bill and Martha...two of my favorite people at Fox News.

And, I'm just going assume that all the years Bill has spent using an earpiece and listening to talking heads scream at eachother has resulted in a little bit of forgetfulness/loss of hearing...right? : /

Never-the-less, here's my pic with Bill and Martha.

Until next time...

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Debra said...

You should have said "Bye Bob, it was nice to meet you."

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